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Touchpad UK Kindle App, take 2

Sadly since I posted a work around to get the kindle app installed on a UK Touchpad the loophole has been patched, curses! 

However some lovely person has made the app available


After downloading the above file, All you need to do is open up WebOS quick install with your TouchPad plugged in (if you havent got WebOS quick install setup follow points 2-4 on this post).

Then click the big + button, find the .ipk, click ok and then click install.

You now have installed the app on your new UK Touchpad!

Getting Started with your TouchPad – UK Kindle App

 If you’re like me, you have just down laid down $99/£89 for a 16GB HP TouchPad, Now its a nice bit of kit for the price, just check out the specs of the nearest competition. Yes I know its an unfair comparison but hey, we WebOS fans need to find that silver lining somewhere right?

 So a lot of you may be coming to WebOS for the first time, so welcome! But for you to get the best out of the device, I’m creating a series of posts entitled  ‘Getting Started with your TouchPad’.

 Now, at time of writing the UK app catalog still doesn’t have a Kindle app but the USA does fortunately!  So the question is how do we get this killer app on to our UK TouchPads? This is where the beauty of the homebrew community comes in!

  1. First grab the kindle app http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6W2L9R12
  2. Next you need to grab a copy of WebOS Quick install from here
  3. Enable dev mode on your touchpad by going to the ‘Just Type’ Search bar and typing in this: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart 
  4.  Launch WebOS Quick Install and make sure you install the ‘novacom’ drivers (this lets quickinstall talk to your TouchPad
  5. Click the + button and navigate to where you downloaded the kindle app, select and click ok
  6. Click install!
You now have kindle! On your TouchPad!