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RIM still has a chance with Blackberry but it needs to move fast!

Typing RIM into Google News makes for nasty reading. If you are unaware of the current situation for the Canadian phone maker, here are some choice headlines:

And that’s just a snapshot.

If I was Mike Lazaridis or Jim Balsillie, I would be wondering two things, one where did it all go wrong and what can be done about it. The world isn’t interested in the first question and deeply concerned about RIMs’ plan to answer the second.

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Can console gaming companies (Nintendo, Sony) succeed in the mobile market?

PS Vita

My latest article on PostDesk is about how Sony has the option to create three new pathways for the consumer with new convergence devices in the pipeline it has the means to deliver it, but in order for it to succeed it needs to leave devices such as the PS Vita behind.

Is Android’s biggest downfall the keyboard? Here’s how to fix typing on Android…

My latest article for PostDesk is on my struggles on using Android keyboards, how it almost made me leave the platform and how the future of Android provided salvation.

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