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Looking for the next underdog

Historically, my defacto phone is more often than not iOS based, simply because its the best at what it does. Now for some reason, it bugs me and not for the typical reasons people roll out when justifying not owning an iPhone.

It’s because its the best at what it does and for that reason it bores me. Its an amazing operating system coupled with beautiful hardware and yet it leaves me cold.

I think  I’m a perennial underdog lover, after all it the platform you are on is already the best where is left to go? I find it much more interesting to go with a different platform as see how it evolves to try and better itself in this ultra competitive market place.

It’s why I am a webOS fan, its a great little operating system cursed by bad implementation, It’s also why I’m not a massive Android fan (in spite of just buying and embarrassingly cheap Xperia Play) because it just feels like iOS knock off in a lot of regards.

However I am not going back to that £10 Nokia I have been sporting and so I will stick with Android for now, but I am looking for my next underdog  and it might just be Windows Phone.

Goodbye WebOS

Six months, thats how long it been since this post on WebOS Connect event in London.

A lot has happened, since then

From Palm being sold to HP, WebOS GBU being spun off – then not, webOS ‘enterprise development environment’   to Leo Apotheker commiting seppuku, to Amazon being rumoured to be the next owner of Palm.

All the while I’ve had a webOS phone in my hand, sadly today I can no longer say that. I’ve made the change from webOS to Android, specifically from a Pre 2 to a Sony Xperia Play.

And its not for the reasons you might think.

In general I don’t need that many apps, in fact my core ‘must have’ number just four:

  • Twitter
  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • Kindle

The sad thing is that the last one isn’t available on webOS phones just yet, although with all devices now supporting Enyo there must be a way to hack it on to the device….

Regardless, the reason I am leaving webOS a smartphone platform for the second time is that oh so familiar feeling of being adrift I had it in late 2009-early 2010 with my original Pre and once again I feel its time to cash out and go exploring elsewhere.

Now I still have my touchpad, as it was such a bargain and I do still hope (perhaps foolishly) that webOS can yet again rise from the ashes but for now I’m off to see if Android is a worthy replacement.

Android on TouchPad

As the internet reported earlier, the first official Alpha of the port of Android for the TouchPad has been released:

Now, its an alpha release (if you don’t know what that means definitely don’t install it) so not everything is working 100% but its a good start, so if you’re brave check it out