Touchpad UK Kindle App, take 2

Sadly since I posted a work around to get the kindle app installed on a UK Touchpad the loophole has been patched, curses! 

However some lovely person has made the app available

After downloading the above file, All you need to do is open up WebOS quick install with your TouchPad plugged in (if you havent got WebOS quick install setup follow points 2-4 on this post).

Then click the big + button, find the .ipk, click ok and then click install.

You now have installed the app on your new UK Touchpad!

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9 responses to “Touchpad UK Kindle App, take 2”

  1. Tom Davenport says :

    It’s taking a loooong time, I’ve been waiting over 10 minutes. Is that normal?

  2. Harj says :

    I had the same issue as you did Tom, the way to resolve it is not to go into USB mode on the touchpad once you connect to your PC, it then downloaded within 5mins!

  3. MorayJ says :

    How do we know the lovely person didn,t add a trojan into the code? I’m going to get on with all the homebrew stuff, I can tell 😉

  4. harm says :

    Worked like a charm, many thanks for this!

  5. Green Shed says :

    Worked great once i didn’t put it into usb mode.

    Thanks a million.

  6. Tom Kelsall (@stonelaughterRL) says :

    Should also be able to install this if you have InternalzPro installed by going to this URL, finding it in /media/internal/downloads and “Open” ing it.

  7. Steve says :

    I went to the MEGA upload site and found it has been seized by the US Government as indivudals have been charged with a number of offences.
    Any idea where else I can get the app from?

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