Archive | August 2009

Hmmm, blogs

I’ve been quite busy,

We’re building a new college website from scratch (finally) and at the same time redeveloping our intranet.

My task is to build all of the fun interesting stuff for students, no easy feat. ¬†I’ve talked about seeSpace before , I’ve recenty met with the Student Council who raised the idea of student blogs:

Students create blogs, which are then viewable by all on the intranet.

I’ve started to implement this, which proving to be quite easy (it’s a simple recode of my exisiting application that allows students to record small notes/messages to themselves).

But what if we start thinking a little bigger?

I thought about how we can integrate the student blog idea and convert seespace into a student social network, I’ve got alot of the functionality sorted already via seec (twitter updates), blogs, ¬†friends etc.

All we need to do is put it together in a cohesive format and create an easy to use image uploader.