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Dinner time: The Gathering

Battle report: 23/4/17

Location: The family dinner table.


Eleanor, 3
Daddy, 33

Flashpoint: Green things on plate.

Turn 1: After sighting a plate filled with the dreaded ‘green things’ Ellie rolled a 4 and played ‘Firm denial’ Daddy countered with ‘Firm but fair persuasion’ but a double 1 rendered it ineffective causing Daddy to lose two sanity points and gain a stress counter.

Turn 2: Ellie on the front foot having gained a victory point at the start of this round plays ‘Stonewalled denial’ followed by ‘Intractable decision’ gaining a full spread of defiance counters, this removes most cards from Daddy’s deck. Leaving him to play ‘Esoteric threat’ but with Ellie’s defiance level at 5 it’s easily deflected. Daddy gains another stress counter and loses a further sanity point.

Turn 3: With defeat in sight Daddy has no choice but to play ‘Pyrrhic victory’ and ‘Enforced seclusion’, however Ellie is experienced and immediately puts her 5 defiance tokens into play countering with ‘Armageddon tantrum’.

Turn 4: All is dust.

Turn 5: ‘Enforced seclusion’ runs out, Daddy weathered the storm but unclear if Ellie has more cards to play. Tentatively Daddy plays ‘saccharine bribery’ to befuddle and get Ellie to try green things.

Turn 6: Ellie decides she likes green things and eats dinner.

Turn 7: Ellie and Daddy agree on yoghurt and strawberries for dessert.


Dinner time with a three year old is many things, but dull is is not one of them.