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HP to Google, where now for Enyo if the team has just left the building?

I am a big WebOS fan and had big hopes for the revival of the platform when Palm was acquired by HP then Leo Apotheker decided to take a different path and shut down the WebOS hardware division.

What followed that announcement was a mess, that clearly demonstrated how few people knew of the decision before Leo announced it. Still they made the best of a bad situation creating two projects OpenWebOS and Enyo.

Enyo was the language that WebOS 3.0 was built on is a really nice language to use, by converting it into a JS Framework meant that it didn’t require you to use WebOS and thus actually get used by developers. Things had been progressing well, a range of small scale events and quick releases meant that I had high hopes for it.

Until today, when I heard that a large portion of the team have just been hired by Google, most likely to work on ChromeOS.

So where now for Enyo? Probably no where good, especially if they fall foul of the restructuring effort taking place at HP which is looking to fire 27,000 people

So long WebOS and Enyo, I dont see how they can continue to bleed talent and expect the projects to succeed.

I would expect that ChromeOS is now one to watch.

Diet Coda

Laptops more often than not are heavier than tablets, that bugs me. 

More to the point as tablets evolve, so to do they tasks that can be achieved on them but so far that has not really included development.

Diet Coda looks to change this, as its designed to help web developers on the go and provide a suitable environment to “make quick fixes on the go”. I loved Ares (Palm’s online webeditor) and feel that apps like Diet Coda can help tablets go beyond consumption and become the devices that we know them to be.

It makes me want to get an iPad, as I don’t hold out much hope that it will be coming to Android.

Go check it out now at

Palm Ares

Palm Ares

Palm was a early pioneer in the online web development environment