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Screw social week, this week is all about HTML5!

Firefox OS, a HTML5 mobile platform done right

There’s been a lot of talk about Social media week and it looks to host a great series of talks and workshops on Social media and how to get the best out it.

However, I’m more interested in the HTML5 events taking place this week!

We kick things off at tonights Mobile Monday London which is discussing the age old topic of HTML5 VS Native, which has been done to death – so for it raise its head once again must mean that we have something new to talk about.

Although that may be covering old ground, Wednesdays event is all new as it the first ever FirefoxOS meetup! It will introduce developers to this new exciting platform, how to create content for it and have a chat with likeminded individuals.

Last but not least, we have Bruce Lawson talking about how to better design mobile web, having seen Bruce talk before, I have no doubt that it should be good fun 🙂

So, one week three events and a lot of stuff to talk about! Busy times!

A trip down memory lane

This week I’ve waved farewell to my friend and aid of the last year and half, my Sony Eriksson Xperia Play.

It’s treated me well, inspite of the treatment I’ve dished out to it. No matter the surface it has collided with, the Xperia Play has always managed to survive where other phones have cracked (literally).

I also firmly believe that it deserves a successor, as you simply cannot beat hardware gaming controls.

I’ve talked before on why I think Sony should drop its faltering PSVITA console line and make a push in the mobile gaming sphere.

Sadly Sony appear to disagree with me on that as they have no plans to release an updated device anytime soon.

So I found myself perusing eBay last week and accidentally put a bid on a HP Pre 3. At ÂŁ99 I thought there was no chance of winning, or so I thought.

Much to my joy/chagrin I did indeed win the auction and so once again I was back in the webOS fold. 

And you know what? I didn’t realise how much I missed the platform, sure it has it foibles (battery life is still as comical as ever) but the Pre 3 hardware is solid and the keyboard rocks.

Obviously the big question is apps, but I’ve found every one that I need including Spotify, Evernote, WordPress and WhatsApp. Mobile web has also developed significantly in the year and a half since I left webOS meaning that for new stuff like ADN I’m spoilt for choice (hello dabr!)

I know most will think me mad for paying good money for old rope, but if it all goes wrong the flagship phones from all major players will still be there.

Its also nice to be using something different, after all this was only on sale in the UK for one day!

September Mobile madness


One of the most cherished months of the year, as it presents clear skies and the last of the warm weather for the year.

It also seems to be the month where every mobile provider reveals their new hardware, on the cards so far:

5/9: Motorola

The current rumour going is that they are to announce an ‘edge to edge’ screen (think no bezel on the side) that will no doubt be attached to superlatives such as ‘engrossing’. My hope is that Motoblur (Motorola’s Android UI layer) is further improved, perhaps further in line with Google’s Android HIG.

5/9 Nokia

The phone maker from Espoo has really taken a pounding over the last year, dumping Symbian, Meego, Maemo has cost them market share and revenue. It needs to show some fantastic devices that grab both the industry, consumer and carrier mindsets like no other.

6/9 Amazon

The Kindle fire was a small success, estimated at 5 million sold in the USA, it was a fairly decent first attempt at a tablet and the high quality Android tablet to compete on price. It was hamstrung by a lack of international presence and a poor OS as a starting point (Android 2.2 Froyo). I am hoping that the devices (I am aiming for two) revealed offer competitive specifications, a fair price and is available in more than just the USA. The main thorn in Amazon’s side? The Google Nexus 7, which at ÂŁ159 is a quality device from a known brand at a great price. All statements that we used when the Fire launched last year. One thing is clear – Amazon will need to show something more than just price to maintain interest in its tablet line.



Want to know why everyone is suddenly announcing hardware in the first week of September? Look no further than the undisputed king of the revenue ring, Apple. Next week they will be unveiling their latest iPhone and perhaps a new iPad Mini (though the iPad might be revealed at another event this month), with a rumoured 4 inch screen, micro dock connector and slimmer profile, the next iPhone is all about refining the concept of what Apple think is the best phone.

19/9 HTC

2011 was a Tumultuous year for HTC, from massive profits to disastrous losses, 2012 offered a new vision focussing on core handsets tried to stem the tide but failed to ignite consumer demand. Choosing to anounce in the same week as Apple is a risky move, anything unveiled could get drowned in the coverage of the next iDevice. Personally I hope that they continue the unique design philosophy set out by the One series of phones combined with a new streamlined Sense UI. As the only way they can succeed in this crowded market is by  showing users a distinct reason to invest.

Regardless of what platform you support, the next few weeks will offer something for everyone.

I love September.