Getting Started with your TouchPad – UK Kindle App

 If you’re like me, you have just down laid down $99/£89 for a 16GB HP TouchPad, Now its a nice bit of kit for the price, just check out the specs of the nearest competition. Yes I know its an unfair comparison but hey, we WebOS fans need to find that silver lining somewhere right?

 So a lot of you may be coming to WebOS for the first time, so welcome! But for you to get the best out of the device, I’m creating a series of posts entitled  ‘Getting Started with your TouchPad’.

 Now, at time of writing the UK app catalog still doesn’t have a Kindle app but the USA does fortunately!  So the question is how do we get this killer app on to our UK TouchPads? This is where the beauty of the homebrew community comes in!

  1. First grab the kindle app
  2. Next you need to grab a copy of WebOS Quick install from here
  3. Enable dev mode on your touchpad by going to the ‘Just Type’ Search bar and typing in this: upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart 
  4.  Launch WebOS Quick Install and make sure you install the ‘novacom’ drivers (this lets quickinstall talk to your TouchPad
  5. Click the + button and navigate to where you downloaded the kindle app, select and click ok
  6. Click install!
You now have kindle! On your TouchPad!

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42 responses to “Getting Started with your TouchPad – UK Kindle App”

  1. Chris Marshall says :

    Thanks for all the comments here – just installed. Now for ‘’ to turn kindle into a client for Calibre!

  2. Rob Sargant (@sargant) says :

    When searching the app catalog in Impostah, I get “Application not found”, unfortunately. Access country is GB. Any ideas?

  3. jedibeeftrix says :

    i sincerely hope amazon release a UK app, but thanks for the warning.

  4. PZ says :

    I have already updated. Is it possible to downgrade back to 3.0 and then follow your HowTo?

  5. Brenda says :

    Trying to Open the download but – keep getting “Cannot open MIME type”- Either choice of OK or Cancel leaves a plain window – no further progress. (It is 3.0.0.) No word about Novacom, no circles. Nothing if I try impostah in any search bars. Any ideas of how I can get the QuickInstall to actually do what your blog says? I’m stumped – and getting desperate! Thanks.

    • Peter says :


      You need to install the Quckinstall on your laptop, not the touchpad. You then connect the touchpad to your laptop via the USB cable and use the quickinstall to add Impostah to the Touchpad. That being said, it appears that as of yesterday, Impostah no longer finds the kindle app…

  6. Andrew says :

    Since that exploit has been fixed, here’s a workaround:

  7. Matt Smith (@mattydsmith) says :

    Found a way to do it…

    Here’s what to do on 3.0.2:

    – Open Impostah
    – Choose Activation
    – Choose US, English, a new email address, and a password
    – Tap Create Profile (then click yes through everything)
    – Tap Login
    – Open App Catalog, which will prompt you to choose country. Choose US.

    – Open up Impostah again
    – Choose App catalog
    – enter
    – Get info
    – Install

    – Open Impostah (again!)
    – Choose Activation
    – Choose your own country, your preferred language, the email address of your original profile, and the password
    – log in to the profile


  8. Matt Smith (@mattydsmith) says :

    Actually, easier way is once you’ve logged into your US Profile launch the App Catalog and download the Kindle Beta then.

    If you do it via Impostah the Kindle app is called If you do it using the App Catalog it’s called Amazon Kindle Beta (so looks nicer lol).

  9. Barney says :

    Is it possible to transfare books I already have on my comp in Mobi format to be read by the Kindle App

  10. SeekTom says :

    The kindle app doesn’t support .mini yet but I think there is an app in either the app catalog or prepare that can read them

  11. Lindsay Adams says :

    I have an alternative (overclocked) kernel (F4 Phantom) installed and prepare installed too, when I clicked the download link for the file (from the TP browser) I got the option to install it ota directly to the touchpad and it worked perfectly. Not sure if the alternative kernel made any difference.

  12. Lindsay Adams says :

    preware that should say, not prepare!.

  13. Lindsay Adams says :

    not really by accident, I had all that done on mine already when I fouind this blog, tried the install, which of course went without a hitch, noticed others having a problem so just listed what I thought was different about my devce 🙂

  14. Martin says :

    I have a TP running v3.0.2. How do I install Impostah so that i can install Kindle?

  15. SeekTom says :

    Hey, you don’t need to use impostah any more just download the ipk and use webOS quick install 🙂

  16. Martin says :

    Problem resolved, but not via Preware – it still refuses to install Kindle on my TP.

    I have 2 PC’s one running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, the other Windows 7 Home 32-bit. I failed to get Preware to install Kindle. So I tried to use WebOSQuickInstall. My 64-bit machine refused to run the application (I opened the program using Java, a blank command window opened, and then closed, and nothing else seemed to happen); however on my 32-bit machine, it installed without problem, and I was able to connect to my TP, and finally, after hours of trying, get Kindle installed.

    Kindle seems to be working fine.


    Does anybody know how to copy e-books (that I have on my PC in .mobi format and which I have managed to transfer to my wife’s Kindle without problem, and which I can also read on the Kindle client on my PC) to the TP? I’ve tried copying them into the PalmKindle folder on the TP, but it does not find them. I’ve also tried changing the filetype to .aws (as suggested elsewhere on the web) but that doesn’t work either.

    So near, but yet so far……

  17. julie says :

    The link to the kindle app isn’t working now due to violating the terms of service – is there another way I can download it now – I only got my touchpad today 😦

  18. Migu Bel (@migu_bel) says :

    I think up to now you have to use Calibre to change ebook formats (mobi epub, …) and use preader alpha, not the kindle, it’s not so easy 😦

  19. bd3art says :

    just got my kindle on mine, thanks a ton

  20. vinee says :

    just got kindle app on my touchpad!!thanks a ton:)

  21. mark says :

    how long should it take to install because its for doing it for an hour?

  22. NRG says :

    Got Kindle app running OK, BUT will not login to my account. Any way of doing this?

  23. Ray says :

    I got one of these for my wife for Christmas and she would love kindle app on it. Any chance of an updated walkthrough for latest version of web os please?
    Thanks very much

  24. richarn says :

    Thanks very much for this. It worked fine and I have installed kindle on my touchpad.

  25. angryangryjim says :

    Hi, I have tried to follow these steps, but the first site, megauploads, is blocked? Can anyone tell me where I can get the kindle app?

    Cheers for any replys

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