Archive | July 2013 & Firefox OS

I’m heading along to tomorrow, its the first hackathon I’ve attended in a personal capacity for a long time – its feels great to be an attendee for a change! Anyhow, FirefoxOS is naturally the talk of the town (well almost) and I’m planning to escape fatherhood duties for a day and finally get cracking on some Firefox OS development!

I’ve haven’t done all that much Front end dev recently, so its going to be a good little experiment 🙂

So, why not join the fun?

Francisco Jordano and Ruth John will be hosting a two hour work shop on Firefox OS at Hacked starting at 14:15 and its a great opportunity to get started with the platform All  you need to get started is Firefox, your chosen IDE and the Firefox OS simulator add on!

If you simply can’t wait, check out Robert Nyman’s handy ToDo list tutorial and you’ll be well on your way to rocking Firefox OS