A trip down memory lane

This week I’ve waved farewell to my friend and aid of the last year and half, my Sony Eriksson Xperia Play.

It’s treated me well, inspite of the treatment I’ve dished out to it. No matter the surface it has collided with, the Xperia Play has always managed to survive where other phones have cracked (literally).

I also firmly believe that it deserves a successor, as you simply cannot beat hardware gaming controls.

I’ve talked before on why I think Sony should drop its faltering PSVITA console line and make a push in the mobile gaming sphere.

Sadly Sony appear to disagree with me on that as they have no plans to release an updated device anytime soon.

So I found myself perusing eBay last week and accidentally put a bid on a HP Pre 3. At £99 I thought there was no chance of winning, or so I thought.

Much to my joy/chagrin I did indeed win the auction and so once again I was back in the webOS fold. 

And you know what? I didn’t realise how much I missed the platform, sure it has it foibles (battery life is still as comical as ever) but the Pre 3 hardware is solid and the keyboard rocks.

Obviously the big question is apps, but I’ve found every one that I need including Spotify, Evernote, WordPress and WhatsApp. Mobile web has also developed significantly in the year and a half since I left webOS meaning that for new stuff like ADN I’m spoilt for choice (hello dabr!)

I know most will think me mad for paying good money for old rope, but if it all goes wrong the flagship phones from all major players will still be there.

Its also nice to be using something different, after all this was only on sale in the UK for one day!

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