So, what have you been up to?

Like a bee but not suffering from CCD, like all blogs this has fallen by the wayside, in favour of twitter for quick and dirty postings.

But I’m back at home for a couple of days, so what have I been up to?

Driving and Flying mostly, I’ve spent more time in a plane in the last two months than in the previous five years! From visiting LEA’s in Blackburn to catching up with collegues in Hemel Hempstead, to spending a week at our main office in Belfast, its certainly been hectic!

By the numbers I’ve had 4 flights and driven 838 miles in the last 4 weeks alone.

Combine that with a lack of internet connection on the go, you can understand why blogging has somewhat fallen by the wayside….

So what’s been happening, we’ve had LOTS of new mobile devices like the HTC Desire, EVO 4G and Palm Pre Plus, the iPad has launched and an election has been called.

For the rest of the week, I’ve got to assess the required functionality for the VLE we’re putting into Blackburn and hopefully get more than 4 hours sleep a night….

May we live in interesting times!

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