New Job

I started my new job this week, after nearly three years at South Essex College. I had been looking at new roles for some time, but the recession had hit recruitment quite hard, making the market even more competitive.

But I did eventually find a new role, after alot of false starts, I am one of two E-Learning Consultants for Northgate Managed Services. It’s quite different from any of my previous roles, I’ve dropped web development completely, which is a massive change for me as most of my previous roles have featured development in some manner. This role will entail me providing advice and guidance to allow Northgate to offer a better product, tailored to suit partners needs.

It’s also a home based role, apart from when I’m visiting the office (Belfast) or clients, it will be interesting to see how this change in location will effect me, I’ll be using this blog to document it alongside everything else.

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