iPads and web apps

It would appear that the world has ended, Apple’s iPad has failed to live up to expectations.

But has it?

I’m not much of a multitasker, the only things I really multitask are surfing the net, listening to music and using twitter.

All of which can still be done.

How? Through the browser, safari offers a decent browsing experience (I prefer chrome myself) and we can assume that like the iphone version the iPad Safari will also support tabbed browsing. So we can have multiple tabs open at once, which also means we can have multiple web apps running at the same time. It’s been done before with palms WebOs, as the majority of apps are based on html, css and javascript which can be viewed in browser.

Granted it may not be the most elegant or efficient way of doing it, but I can happily emulate alot of what I would need from a multitasking os with browser based web apps.

Has Apple inadvertently started the second web app age?

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