Archive | September 2, 2013

We need new adjectives

Once again a range of flagships will soon take to the stage and try to amaze us with their latest technological feat.

Save yourself some time.

Phone/Phablet X will probably be:

  • Thinner/ fatter/no change
  • Lighter/heavier/no change
  • Bigger/smaller/no change
  • More powerful/less powerful/no change

Those four traits can be applied to pretty much every aspect of these upcoming devices, better camera, faster processors, bigger screens, thinner screens. ‘All this power and its weighs just 10g more than last years version!’

Same shit, different day.

Smartphones like the iPhone 5C/S, Galaxy Note 3 and more will soon be unveiled on stage to a veritable cacophony of adjectives. We’ll be told by various people that these improved devices are ‘amazing’, ¬†they will ‘astound’ (rather than confound), that this new wondrous device is ‘revolutionary’.

The problem is, the previous generation were announced with the very same language.

As it stands smartphones are getting less interesting, that’s not a slight on the work involved its just a fact of a mature market that needs to be disrupted.