Tick tock

The clock is ticking, I dont feel that the HD7 is going to be staying in L’s ownership for long.

The reason? Stability.

The HD7 seems to crash a lot, combine this with random graphical glitches and a it doesnt make a convincing long term package. She has also noticed the lack of cut copy and paste (I had failed to mention it before hand…), she still likes the phone but the honeymoon period is well and truly over.

In fact I’m glad that she isn’t a massive multitasker as if she were, it would highlight another drawback in WP7…

Now we know that there is an update coming through to WP7 later on this week (hopefully) this will bring improved memory management which will speed up application, stability fixes and copy cut and paste (but not in third party apps unless they use the textbox control).

Will it give the HD7 a shot in the arm? Only time will tell

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