So what next?

You may, or may not have noticed the release of Microsofts Kinect last week but if you did miss it, I think you should take a look at these videos:

Granted its early days but if this is what can happen from a week of hacking, just imagine what could be possible later on down the line.

Someone should hire this guy asap.

So what does this have to do with e-learning? Everything.

By removing the controller we can engage a whole scope of learners, be young or old and I think it has significance to those learners with a learning or physical disability. You don’t need to be dexterous or capable of pressing small buttons, Kinect makes you the controller.

This is the first console based augmented reality device that actually has a chance of succeeding, granted the initial launch line up isn’t chock full of AAA games but, Dance Central, Kinect Sports & Kinectimals  do a pretty decent job.

I hope that an E-Learning games company does launch software on Kinect, I think it has far more potential for learning that the already impressive Wii.

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