So, in the space of 6 months I’ve fully converted to a Mac based existence.

When my four year old pc started to die on me, we replaced it with a bargain priced 20 inch iMac (£500), i soon upgraded to an iPhone 4, it just left my net book as the sole bastion of Microsoft.

I’ve posted before how a hard drive failure caused me to try out creating a , so technically it counts as a Mac. But it was always a hack job and by it’s very nature a bit well, quirky….

Combine this with the amount of time I’m spending away from home and I came to the point where I didn’t want to lug around two laptops anymore.

So I’ve stumped up £618 for an 3G 32gb iPad.

Yes, it’s stupidly priced
Yes, I can’t type on it
Yes, love it

Why? Read the countless thousand reviews, but for me it gives me something to work on, play, and read.

All the while weighing next to nothing and having a battery that lasts.

It’s a deeply flawed device, deeply, but satisfies my current requirements.

Oh and it’s the first piece of tech that someone has ever paid me a complement about….

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