What does the 0 stand for

Christ its early, its 7am and I’ve been up for three hours.

That’s not right, that’s not human.

Why am I up so early, because I’m flying over to Belfast for the day to chat about the next stage of the project. I’m very tired, I nearly always sleep like shit when I have to do long distance travel, I think I finally crashed out at 1am last night.

Which is why I’m feeling so stupendously awseome right now. Moving on from my amazing ability to sleepwalk through the airport, I had a chance to play with an iPad.

It’s a lovely bit of kit, as fast as they say it is, not as cheap at the airport as I was hoping though (I expected it to be vat free but it comes out at £416 and I’m far too tired to work out the maths of that). I have no reason yet to get one, but if I spend significant time away from home during the go live in sept I won’t hesitate to buy one.

Well maybe, I need to figure out which is heavy, my hackintosh or an iPad, I think the iPad may just have it beat.

ION this is day one of not having a personal phone, in a fit of desperation I bidded on a Palm Pre last night (unboxed, untested and with no cables), I’d set my max at £80 and I think it went for £95 which is more than I’d want to pay for a  potentially bricked device. I’ve got a big soft spot for the pre, I like the ethos behind the operating system and I’ve always liked Palm. I do want to own a Pre at some point (especially now that you can overclock the phone to 800mhz) but I’ve always held off pulling the trigger. There are two reasons for my reluctance:  I don’t want to enter into a 18 month contract on any phone unless its the best of the best (Palm Pre Plus costs a similar amount over 18 months as the iPhone) and two I feel like a prisoner.

Why? Because I’m trapped by the apps that I’ve bought on my 3G, I can get similar apps for 90% of the ones I use (not a big gamer) but there are two in particular that keep me trapped to the iPhone. Chess with Friends and Run Keeper (Run keeper free is available on Android but doesn’t offer the same functionality as the Pro version on the iPhone). Apart from Twitter, Facebook and Safari those are my default apps.
And sadly the Pre doesn’t offer them, I don’t see that changing anytime soon (even though porting a iPhone app to the Pre is pretty simple apparently.)

Which is why the Pre would only last so long before I would return to Apple.

And that’s a shame, I don’t want to be trapped onto one brand of phone, which is why I think that there should be one app store for mobile devices.

HA HA HA, fat fucking chance of that happening, but one can dream of a phone middleware platform that can run on multuple devices.

Oh wait it exists already, it’s called Java, but it will be a cold day in hell when we’ll see phone makers come together on one App platform.

Shit there calling my flight, gotta go kids

2 responses to “What does the 0 stand for”

  1. Dave Williams says :

    The idea of the Pre might be all well and good, but the execution is truly awful.

    And abstracting the OS to HTML/CSS/JS for developers is nuts. Get hold of one to play with, by all means – just make sure you can give it back and get a refund once you discover that, as a smartphone, it’s pants 🙂

    • groovephase says :

      With the PDK they’ve opened most things up, so now devs have the options for html apps or to the metal stuff afaik, I think I’m going to try a new contract and see what its like, if not ship it back after 7 days

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