Ultimate tools for Lecturers

I’ve showed this to my colleagues:

Just imagine giving every Lecturer one of these

It’s a briefcase containing the following:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Video Camera
  • iPhone
  • Digital camera
  • iPhone Dock

It also has:

Integrated charger!

A one socket charging solution that means with one cable you can charge all of the devices inside! Very impressive kit!

So we got to thinking what would we change? This is what we came up with:

  • Laptop
  • Pico Projector & projection screen
  • Video Camera
  • Digital camera
  • Digital recorder

What would you put in your E-Learning Briefcase?

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One response to “Ultimate tools for Lecturers”

  1. Jens Sorensen says :

    I think that setup looks very attractive. Although, for a lecturer I think the most important issue is that, not only do you need to be able set up and start recording as soon as possible (you don’t get much time if the lecture room is being used beforehand), but you can upload that content and make it visible easily and quickly. I use a simple/cheap webcam and a little piece of software from http://www.ourlesson.co.uk, which allows me to record myself and everything on my screen (incl. audio) – and then when I stop the recording it simply uploads the video and presentation, so its available to all.

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