The battle is on in the land of the ebook readers (ebooks are digital versions of paper books), Amazon released the Kindle and now American publisher Barnes & Noble has unveiled the Nook.

One thing you couldn’t say about the Kindle is that it pushed boundaries, it read ebooks and that’s all. Not so with the Nook.  First of all it runs <a Android

, Googles’ mobile operating system,&nbsp;Okay so that may not set your world on firew. This is understandable but think of it this way an ebook reader (or a book for that matter) has one function – to display books. The Nook can do this, surf the web and has the ability to extend its functionality via its support Android Apps Store.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to justify a £156 device that just does one thing (no matter how good it is), the Nook may offer the extra&nbsp;functionality that will make me pull the trigger on ebook readers….

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