I, Tom Curtis have finally (and I mean finally), joined the mobile internet revolution.

I’ve purchased (after alot of g1 vs iphone deliberation) an iPhone.

The irony is not lost on me, (for those that didn’t read cart before the horse where I discussed the cost of smartphone  and how it may hinder development of mlearning solutions) I singled out the iPhone as the worst of these due to its high purchase and running costs.

So why did I not go with the cheaper google phone?

Three reasons:

1. The G1 doesn’t natively support Microsoft Exchange, it is possible via an external app but even then its not perfect. Prior to my purchase I used a 1g iPod Touch and have grown used to how simply and easily it integrates with the Colleges email.

2. Android looks promising, but I think there will be issues regarding compatibility; especially as newer handsets come out

3. Chess with friends

Ok Ok, its not a work or critical need, but I love this app and theres no version of it for Android (yet) and it’s a lot of fun 😛

SO lets move onto the thorny issue of cost:

Everyone + dog is buying a shiny new 3GS, which means alot of 1 year old 3g’s on the market for (releative) buttons. I managed to snag a 3G iPhone on a forum for the princly sum of £210 inc next day shipping (and it came with all the 3gs bits: small charger etc).

I’m currently on a £15 a month plan with o2, (it should be £15 but being the silver tongued lothario that I am, I got it reduced), I’ve whacked a 7.50 unlimited web bolt on that brings my total monthly phone expenditure to £22.50


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