Echos of change?

I’m currently writing a section for our e-learning website about the learner voice.

“To do more with less, to reach out in new ways, to make life that little
bit easier, but most of all technology allows us to communicate information and ideas astonishingly quickly.”

Yadda, Yadda, ad infinitum, its your usual happy clappy cliche ridden article about how we’re engaging and listening to the learners.

As you can tell I’m not exactly engaging with my current task.

Teaching has been stuck in the traditional 20th century style for far too long, teachers at the front of the class informing and instructing.With the advent of forums, social media websites and telecommunications; Students and the general public are now used to commenting on a range of issues that concern them whenever they like as soon as it has become news.
Except in class.

And so the concept of the Learner Voice was born and lo happiness was restored unto the land, Students talked, Teachers listened and things improved. Or so the idea was supposed to go, but I don’t think that most institutions have really even gotten close to actually listening to students.

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